VINTAGE WOTC Jungle Set (Unlimited) Booster Pack x1

VINTAGE WOTC Jungle Set (Unlimited) Booster Pack x1

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VINTAGE WOTC Jungle Set Booster Pack x1 (Personal Break)

There is about 1/3 odds on average of the pack containing a holo. The pack you choose will be weighed to determine if it is a 'light' or 'heavy' pack. Once weighed, you can decide if you would like to open it or keep it sealed.

- 1 pack opened live on stream. Pack art is random.

- All cards are shipped for vintage breaks.

- All hits will be shipped after request. Remember to purchase the shipping option once you are ready to have your bag shipped and notify DJdeemO on Discord. 

- Cards will be held until shipping option is purchased under your account.

- Please if you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly on Discord and Twitch(

By completing your purchase you acknolwedge and understand there are no refund or exchanges once the break has started. Thanks for your business and help in growing the channel!